Amazon / Flipkart Courier Bag with POD Jacket (All Sizes)


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Product Name: Plain Courier Bag with POD Jacket
Size: 6×8, 8×10, 10×12, 10×14, 12×16, 14×18, 17×21
Closure Type: Peel and Seal Closing Mechanism
Eco-Friendly: Yes
Material: Polyethylene
Brand Design: Amazon/ Flipkart
Protection: Temper Proof
Feature: With POD
Country of Origin: India

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Courier Bags are flexible polyethylene packaging bags, designed to function as an exterior covering for all kinds of items during transit. It makes packing and shipping easier while also providing protection. Courier bags, also known as tamper proof bags, are widely used and best packing material for online shopping websites (Ecommerce) and online sellers to ship items to customers.

Features of courier bags:

– Standard thickness of 60 Microns.
– Greyish white glossy finishing outside and opaque black inside.
– Simple peel and seal closing mechanism for easy & fast usage.
– Temper proof- once sealed cannot be opened without tearing the bag.
– Available in multiple standard sizes for selection.

Advantages of plastic courier bags:

– The most recommended product for safe transmission of shipments.
– It is light weight and hence saves courier charges as compared to boxes.
– Reduces manual efforts of wrapping tapes hence speeds up the packaging process.
– Conveys strong corporate image when used as compared to traditional covers.
– Branded packaging is the most effective and cost friendly tool of marketing.
– Economic as compared to other tools of packaging such as boxes, cloth covers etc.

Application of courier bags:

– Ecommerce shipment.
– Packing & shipping online orders.
– Sending cheques and confidential documents.
– Sending brochures & samples by courier.
– Examination envelopes.

Additional information

Additional information


6×8, 8×10, 10×12, 10×14, 12×16, 14×18, 17×21

Brand Design

Amazon, Flipkart

Kitnaa Bhi Lo

100pcs, 200pcs, 300pcs, 400pcs, 500pcs, 600pcs, 700pcs, 800pcs, 900pcs, 1000pcs

Product Information

Product Information

About This Item:
  • 60 Micron Guaranteed
  • Outer White Inner Black, Proper Strength
  • Polybag with document pouch, light weight and strong material.

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