Air- Pillow Cushion for Packaging (All Sizes)


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Product Name: Air- Pillow Cushion for Packaging (All Sizes)
Size: 100x200mm, 200x200mm, 200x300mm, 300x400mm
Eco-Friendly: Yes
Material: Polyethylene
Color: Transparent
Uses: Gap Fillers
Country of Origin: India

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Air Pillow Packaging

Products need to go through long-distance transportation, stacking, throwing and other processes in the transport process. Products can be damaged very easily in this process. So the packaging before shipment is very important. In addition to external packaging, cushioning packaging materials are also needed as an inner protection.

The air cushion bag is composed of air and film, which flushes air into the film to achieve the effect of buffer protection.

As a new cushioning packaging material, air cushion bag is used for filling the void in the box to avoid the collision caused by the shaking of the product in the course of transportation, resulting in product damage. Compared with traditional cushioning packaging material, air column bag has many advantages, such as light texture, good elasticity, strong toughness, and stronger protection of the product by increased bubbles.

Whether it is padding, wrapping, winding, or filling, it is very simple and convenient to use. Use how much you require and rest can be torn of from the roll, to improve packaging efficiency, without causing excessive packaging. The air cushion bag has strong plasticity and is suitable for the protection and packaging of all kinds of products. Its strong anti-collision and compression ability is favored by various industries.

Please note: The Air pillows come in a roll form. Kindly fill the air using a pump.

Additional information

Additional information


100x200mm, 200x200mm, 200x300mm, 300x400mm



Kitnaa Bhi Lo

100pcs, 200pcs, 300pcs, 400pcs, 500pcs, 600pcs, 700pcs, 800pcs, 900pcs, 1000pcs

Product Information

Product Information

About This Item:
– Lightweight: Due to is Lightweight nature these Airbags help to cut the shipping cost of your product.
– Usage: Ideal for filling small voids and gaps inside the shipping box.
– Protection: These void filling bags help to protect goods from damages during transit.
– These Airbags are 100% Recyclable, Eco-friendly

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