Cello Adesive Tapes (All Sizes)


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Product Name: Cello Adhesive Tapes (All Sizes)
Size: 1/5 (inch), 1 (inch), 2 (inch), 3 (inch)
Eco-Friendly: Yes
Material: Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene
Color: Transparent / Brown
Country of Origin: India

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Wide use of Adhesive Transparent Tapes:
Box Packaging –

Our Tapes are strong Adhesive to most of the surface to ensure strong bonding to the material. It provides strong packaging so that your parcel don’t shatter in transportation.

Holding Cracks –

Tapes don’t heals cracks. But you can stick it to the cracks of glasses and other items, so that they don’t increase with time. Increasing of cracks is common in glasses.

For repairing stationary –

Transparent Tapes are easily adhesive to paper and can be easily pasted and you don’t miss the written content of book.

Additional information

Additional information


1/2 (inch), 1 (Inch), 2 (inch), 3 (inch)


Brown, Transparent

Kitnaa Bhi Lo

10pcs, 20pcs, 30pcs, 40pcs, 50pcs, 60pcs, 70pcs, 80pcs, 90pcs, 100pcs

Product Information

Product Information

About This Item:
  • Excellent holding power so the package stays sealed.
  • Wide service temperature range good for most applications.
  • Feature – Anti Dust, Anti Virus, Waterproof
  • Easy adherence to even slightly irregular surfaces
  • Can be used as both hot & cold

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