Pet Jar with Closure Cap for Juice, Thickshakes, Buttermilk, Ghee – (All Sizes)


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Product Name: Pet Jar with Closure Cap for Juice, Thickshakes, Buttermilk, Ghee – (All Sizes)
Size: 250ml, 300ml, 350ml
Eco-Friendly: Yes
Material: Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
Container Color: Clear
Lid Color : White, Off-White
Country of Origin: India

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These bottles are great for keeping your drinks safe while on-the-go. Grab these bottles for a picnic, outing, or trip and feel safe knowing that your liquids will not leak. The size is perfect for individualized portions so no need to lug around a big jug of milk, juices etc, just pour amount in required sized bottle for an easy-to-transport, lightweight alternative.


Sturdy and strong, these bottles are made of quality material ensuring they will not break or crack. Easy Lid snaps right onto the bottle so they are great even for little hands. Additionally, the round bottom sets on any surface saving you much needed space.


With a variety of sizes, you can use these bottles for all your needs! Ideal for manufacturers who are producing fresh juices, buttermilk, milk and various perishable liquids which needs to be kept fresh.


Empty plastic containers perfect for juice bars, restaurants, desserts, Suitable for storing homemade drinks such as juice, milk, milkshakes, iced coffee.


These bottles do not chip easily and can be used over and over again and still be in perfect condition! Plus, they are easy to clean so with a quick hand wash they are as a brand as new.

Additional information

Additional information


250ml, 300ml, 350ml

Lid Color

White, Off White

Kitnaa Bhi Lo

100pcs, 200pcs, 300pcs, 400pcs, 500pcs, 600pcs, 700pcs, 800pcs, 900pcs, 1000pcs

Product information

Product information

About This Item:
  • Perfect for storing juice, smoothies, milk, shakes, iced coffee, fresh juices, water, or any other homemade liquids.
  • Ideal choice for daily life, juice stores, takeout restaurants, carnivals, bars, picnics, or catering events.
  • BPA Free: Made from high food grade PET to create a light, durable. But not suitable for hot liquid and not dishwasher safe.

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