Cosmetic Sleek Pet Bottle with Lotion/ Dispenser Pump – Amber (100ml)


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Product Name: Cosmetic Sleek Slant Shoulder Pet Bottle with Lotion Pump – Amber (100ml)
Size: 100ml
Shape: Sleek Slant Shoulder
Special Feature: Leak proof, Environment friendly, Reusable 100% , PET, Recyclable, Premium, Natural, Original, High Quality.
Material: Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
Container Color: Amber
Lid Color: Black, White, Black-Gold
Country of Origin: India

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Environmental protection:

The lotion pump bottle is made of high-quality plastic which is BPA free, durable and can be reused, very easy to clean and easy to store away.

Great for travel:

Whether you are taking a vacation or heading to the gym.

Lightweight and portable:

These lotion pump bottle’s a very fine mist for even distribution. Easy to store in bag and carry, great for travelling, camping, picnic, business trip etc.

Additional information

Additional information

Kitnaa Bhi Lo

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Lotion Pump Color

Black, Black- Gold, White

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