Pet Roll On Bottle Deodarant Stick – (50ml, 75ml)


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Product Name: Pet Roll On Bottle
Size: 50ml, 75ml
Shape: Round
Special Feature: Leak proof, Environment friendly, Reusable 100%, PET, Recyclable, Premium, Natural, Original, High Quality.
Material: PET
Container Color: White
Lid Color: White
Country of Origin: India

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  • You can dispense your own deodorant by turning the wheels on the bottom. Great for making your own deodorant at home!
  • Deodorant tube is suitable for deodorant, soil perfume or lip balm.
  • Its circular shape can be placed on the table well and it is not easy to break.
  • Deodorant containers are ideal for making your own deodorants at home, they are ideal for deodorants, solid perfumes and lip balms.
  • You can dispense your homemade deodorant by turning the wheels on the bottom.

Additional information

Additional information


50ml, 75ml

Container Color


Kitnaa Bhi Lo

100pcs, 200pcs, 300pcs, 400pcs, 500pcs, 600pcs, 700pcs, 800pcs, 900pcs, 1000pcs

Product Information

Product Information

About this item:
  • Deodorant Container Plastic Deodorant Containers DIY Empty Tube Container .
  • All White emphasizes the naturalness of your product, and giving your brand a premium look.
  • Pour your deodorant mix into the upside down container with the lid on, let it cool and you’ll have a beautiful rounded top to your finished deodorant. Pop in the bottom cap and you’re done!
  • Easy to use screw assembly allows product to twist up or back down.
    Empty Deodorant Container.

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