Matte Black Glass Bottle + Dropper (Black ) (All Sizes)


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Product Name: Matte Black Glass Bottle + Dropper (Black )
Size: 30ml, 50ml, 100ml
Shape: Boston Round
Special Feature: Leak proof, Environment friendly, Reusable, 100% Pure Glass, Recyclable, Premium, Natural, Original, High Quality.
Material: Glass
Bottle Color: Matte Black
Dropper Color: Black
Country of Origin: India

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Matte Black glass:

Matte finish makes the bottles opaque to look at and premium to the touch. When touched with wet hands, the matting will clear up and return as the bottle dries up!
The glass droppers are rated for safe usage with even pure oils, they are perfect for uses that involve measured doses.

Made for storage and travel:

This fine glass bottle is designed specifically to store pure oils, oil blends, perfumes, food coloring, alcohol, and medicinal liquids. It is travel-friendly and can be used on the go in airlines, trains and your daily commute.

Reuse and recycle:

Our bottles can be washed and reused with ease, forever! What’s more? The bottle is recyclable, so when you are ready to toss it, you can do so in the recycle bin.


They can be used to store essential oils, medicinal fluids, perfumes, alcohol-based liquids, food coloring, hand sanitizer and much more!

Additional information

Additional information


30ml, 50ml, 100ml

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