3CP Bagasse Meal Tray with Lid (C1)


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Product Name: 3CP Bagasse Meal Tray with Lid  (C1)
Size: 1000ml
Shape: Rectangle
Material: Sugarcane Molasses
Color: Natural
Country of Origin: India

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  • It’s 100% Safe: Throw your worries out the window as Bagasse Meal Tray is completely natural has no carcinogens or toxic chemicals. We keep your family safe.
  • Hygienic: Our products have no touch manufacturing so be rest assured about hygiene.
  • Leak Proof: There is no leakage whatsoever so go ahead lick that buttery gravy off our plate – promise we won’t tell.
  • 100% Compostable: Want to leave a healthier planet for your kids? Use our range of meal tray as it’s made from sugarcane waste and returns to mother earth in 180 days.
  • Your Friend For All Parties: Be the trendsetter and use Suppdock’s Meal Trays for all occasions like parties at home or office, camping, picnics, wedding and catering.

Additional information

Additional information

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